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Restore your Antique Trunk step-by-step! Antique Trunks Restoration Guide


Do you like working with your hands? Use your hands and turn them into a second income restoring antique trunks. Profitable! In demand! Excellent Xmas Gifts, and a Super Keepsake!

Do you have a old antique trunk that you want to restore? Do you know where to start? Our New Antique Trunks Restoration Guide will show you how from start to finish. Our step-by-step guide has easy to follow instructions to change your old trunk into a beautiful piece of furniture that can even match your decor.

Our guide will show you how to remove the old exterior and restore it, how to restore the interior, show you what tools are needed to do the restoration and give you many different ideas on restoring it. We have been restoring trunks for over 14 years and have place our experience into this guide. A list of trunks restoration hardware suppliers is listed so that you do not have to hunt for repair part.

Our easy to follow instructions are written in plain english with no hard to understand phrases. There are a lot of pictures to show you the styles of trunks and hardware to help you determine want kind of trunk you have.
New Lower Price! Learn how to restore trunks for a easy second part-time income. Restore trunks for friends, neighbors or antique store in your area. We currently charge $425.00 to completely restore a antique trunk.

To order by mail send $14.95 + $2.95=$17.90 Shipping and Handling to AL & Carla Derosier 1814 Frenchtown Rd. Port Deposit, MD. 21904. Simply print this ads and mail it.

Now you can order by the internet with Visa or Master and get $5.00 back just for signing up with Use the homepage link at top of page for you $5.00 back.
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